Restored faith in humanity

On a busy bus, in busy London, whilst everybody around me was consumed by their own busy lives, and busy _______ (fill in the blank!); a blind gentleman and his guide dog were seated together, waiting for the bus driver to confirm their stop. There were two errors, with the third being the correct stop. After getting up and sitting back down a couple of times, he was visibly upset. When we arrived at the (correct) stop another passenger got off his seat, to help his fellow passenger and guide dog manoeuvre the door, looking calmer he thanked him profusely and began walking. “Stop!” the helpful passenger exclaimed to the driver, “he’s left something”… the bus came to a sudden halt, the parcel was hastily handed to the rightful owner, to which he responded “sir, you’ve restored my faith in humanity.”

As this unravelled before my eyes, it was a reminder about perspective – which was touched upon briefly in a previous post, about mindfulness for children. Incessantly sending mixed signals to The Universe/”out there”/Greater Energy – different names for the concept of – vibrations/frequency leads to projecting, and mixed results. Constant complaints of how ‘busy’ (even within this post, in paragraph one!), ‘loud’, ‘impersonal’ London can be at times, means there are numerous opportunities to observe, contribute to and enjoy the lovelier side of the fabulous city – such as the above – if only I’d give it a chance, widen/broaden/deepen my perspective, and choose to see the good in people.

Kindness begets kindness.

Which reminds me…

There was a feature about Jadav Payeng, a man who singlehandedly put the future in his hands, quite literally. Restoring faith in humanity! Originally published on – a superb blog that, in their words, “is a reminder that in the digital age there are still countless people making incredible work with their bare hands” – worth signing up, if like me, you can sometimes be an analogue girl in a digital world!


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