Black Diamonds Project?

Hello and welcome to the Black Diamonds Project!

“When you become a diamond, you shall see the reasons life had to pressure you.”

Why the name?

Natural black diamonds are created after billions of years under extreme pressure, and are ultimately rare, and uniquely beautiful. Despite life’s setbacks, obstacles and pain we experience, consider this a journey of self improvement, and self-love. 

What on earth is this about?

Wellness, lifestyle, and zeitgeist posts. From mental health and wellbeing, plant based eats, cold pressed juices (and the occasional glass of Chianti or Malbec), the Black Diamonds Project is a melting pot of open, honest, thought provoking musings – and the ocassional rant – designed to encourage us to live our best lives.


In a world of shiny Instagram-perfect avocado on toast, it is easy to get lost in what it means or seems to be, to live “ideally”. It is up to us to discover and know what we want, seek our joy, and surround ourselves by those who help us growpersonally, intellectually, professionallyemotionally!

Who is behind the blog?

A twenty-something, that leads a life filled with ebbs and flows; with a splash of “je vois la vie en rose”, as I do my utmost to strike a balance between the proverbial “having it all”, yet staying true to myself.