Black Diamonds Project Book Club



1. informal A person who enjoys reading.

Some bookworms do not wear spectacles, do wear fire engine red lipstick, and have two waist length snazzy cornrows, Ghana braid style. #JustSaying


Dear Readers,

At long last, it’s here – the Black Diamonds Project Book Club.

Thanks to my Chief Librarian (my sister), I have spent a little over a decade surreptitiously reading poems, books, essays and listening to spoken word on various relatable and interrelated themes. We have reached a juncture – thank you Internet – whereby we get to (and have to) discuss these books beyond the confines of our dining tables, and endless phone calls.

The books are astonishing, thought-provoking, upsetting, at times absurd, and of course the try-not-to-laugh-on-my-commuter-train hilarious!
Learning so much, and it’d be great for us to share our thoughts, ideas, agree (and disagree), and recommendations.

Bursting to discuss books you’ve read/reading yet cannot bear the thought of joining yet another What’s App group chat? 

This book club is for you…

Each month we choose a title, spend three weeks reading, and discussions ensue in the final week.