When it comes to our lifestyle choices, are we supposed to consult others or go forth alone?

#Vegan #VeganAF #Teetotal #MeatSweats

Whatever your ‘dietary requirements’ are…

Say it aloud – in a supermarket, at your local, out walking the dogs – “I’m _____ and enjoy this lifestyle choice.”

On that note, if you’ve ever been curious about a vegan way of eating yet put off by kale or coconut infused anything. See below…

London Is Set To Host A Vegan Festival This Summer And We’ve Already Bought Our Tickets says KATIE O’MALLEY for Elle UK. 

With the mission to bend minds, crack carnivores, and shift perceptions, street food giant Kerb Food welcomes the ultimate ‘vegan rumble’ in August.

According to the Vegan Society, veganism is one of Britain’s ‘fastest growing lifestyle movements’, with the number of vegans in the country having risen by more than 360 per cent over the past decade, with the likes of celebrity advocates Arianna Grande, Miley Cyrus and Thandie Newton all celebrating the perceived health benefits and animal-free cruelty of the plant-based diet.

And it appears London is continuing to embrace the eating habit – which excludes meat, seafood and dairy, as well other foods produced using animals, such as honey, and wines, beer and cider filtered using animal products – with both arms, and welcoming a vegan street food festival to the capital next month.
Titled Livin’ on the Veg, the festival will reportedly take place at at the West Handyside Canopy in Kings Cross on 18-19 August.

According to the festival’s website, they’ve ‘brought together eight of the best vegan wizards out there to conjure up two days straight of vegan indulgence for everyone to enjoy’.
With ‘not a mung bean or buddah bowl in sight’, the festival’s organisers promise to feed all Londoners with deep fried jackfruit buffalo wings, chocolate brownie mud pies, red Thai curry pots, chip butties and Tandoori naans.

Tickets start at £25 per person (including a portion of food from each of the eight vendors setting up stalls at the festival, plus a cocktail upon entry) while kids can attend for free (but this doesn’t include food).
This is just the ‘veganning’, people.
Find out more at the Livin’ on the Veg website.


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