Letter to the Editor #15

Is it ever okay to overshare?

There’s a fine line between getting something off one’s chest, and baring all. The birth and subsequent unprecedented growth of social media, has resulted in an unending stream of consciousness for some, and further into the abyss of reclusiveness for others – in the real world, virtual world, and virtual/augmented reality!

On an island in the Baltic Sea, with ancient sites of historical significance; bumped into a local and asked them if they too were on a hike and in search of the trail or if they can provide a little more commentary. Their response? Oh no, just found another Pokémon, it’s been really difficult to capture this one. Think we were equally shocked by one another’s search…

The amount of information voluntarily and joyfully shared on the Internet, at times can be rather perturbing bordering on a security breach. From addresses to “live posting” (sharing every detail of a venue/event in ‘real time’) – in aid of what… validation from strangers? #KeepingItReal

Always remember, there’s a difference between our private life and our personal life.


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