Letter to the Editor #14

Like one lonely atom.

What do you mean? Atoms are lonesome as it is.

Which reminds me… have lost a handful of friends this year – not in the morbid sense – in the “the caring budget is at a deficit”I just do not care anymore. I’m spent, so to speak. Drained. After being ill treated, emotionally abused, and taken advantage of – for years, in some cases decades, and what for? In the name of a friend of the year Instagram post. No thanks. It’s self sabotage really, as I have allowed this behaviour to go on for far too long. So they’re used to walking all over me. No more, I can’t. I simply do not have the energy any longer. Also, don’t have the energy to throw a pity party.

We can’t ask a butcher, advice on being vegan. 

It is important to be surrounded by those who want the best for us, it helps manage anxiety/triggers/low self esteem/eating disorders/depression, the list is endless. Those issues won’t magically disappear along with the people we cut out from our lives, yet it helps to “manage the situation”…

I’m going to miss them.

No you’re not. You’ll miss the idea of them,  not their insidious nature. Let them go, free yourself from mental servitude. 


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