161 // Avoiding The Rat-Race


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Grass-hoppers by their nature are typically solitary creatures, spending most of their time alone. Occasionally though they spontaneously begin to fly, on mass in One Direction™. It baffled humanity for centuries, and typically when we don’t understand something we assume a god did it. Interestingly, a god isn’t responsible*, and the explanation is very simple.

They’re avoiding canabilism.*

Although grass-hoppers are typically herbivore they get a sudden urge for protein, which they have in their bodies. So one day a grass-hopper, who we shall call David, decides to take a bit out of Silvia. She doesn’t like being eaten for some reason and flies off, with David in hot pursuit. They both pass by Shaun who is starting to have a craving for protein too, so he starts chasing David. This makes David speed up which in turn makes Silvia speed…

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