Am I allowed to celebrate our six month anniversary?

Anniversary, from Latin anniversarius ‘returning annually’. So does that mean I ought not to celebrate six months? Nope, no it doesn’t. Why? As life is happening now, like right now. You’re reading this and life is happening. So consider this us celebrating this momentous occasion!

Side note: Do you know what freaks me out and excites me in equal measure? This place we call home is a certain weight – enormous effort to <favourite search engine> search right now for exact figures, but it is ruddy heavy – tilted at 23.5ish degree angle and takes 24 hours to pivot on its axis. Wow. In a metaphorical and physical spinnin world, it is important to find our ‘space’, and place of calm. 

Due to unforeseen circumstances and after a “commercial break” (read: social media break), which was due to end in June, from @blackdiamondsproject Instagram decided to come back a couple of weeks early. Why? To celebrate the six month anniversary of the blog… after receiving a message from an old uni chum, and after an incredibly inspiring evening yesterday, it makes sense.

 We are at a juncture where we can no longer ignore mental health matters, and the human tales – real and raw events that happen to us all.

This is not a mental health blog, more like a blog about mental health. As well as wellbeing, human interactions, responsibilities and our duties as people. To ignore this aspect of the human condition, would be as useful as leaving home without an umbrella when it’s raining.


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