Is ‘just breathe’ good advice?

Or “just ‘breath'” as it is often written in those wildly viral tumblr/Insta posts, much to my chagrin…

Rather than getting wrapped up in other people’s drama, or one’s own twists, twirls, and teeny tiny tantrums, it is best to take a step back, and just breathe. 

Yet to get to this stage heaps faster, requires daily practice of mindfulness, and meditation.

Have you heard of Calm? I hadn’t, until veg recently. The ‘Women in Tech’ won the Snapchat Shorty Award not long ago, and had a segment on Calm as part of their Snapchat ‘takeover’. It’s a snazzy app, that helps as a daily reminder. Oooh, and they are hiring at the moment – if you’re looking for your next career adventure.


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