Letter to the Editor: #6

When a life-changing incident happens, are we supposed to suffer in silence or seek solace in profound discussions with our partner/family/friends, or perhaps seek professional help?
The state of the world has led to a crippling state of mind, for some. For others, continued languishing in ignorance and feigning happiness is the go-to permanent stage of existence. 

Victim or victor?

“It’s not up to me, how others reacted and react to my news… what happened was awful, yet now I have to focus my energy on my children and husband, that is all.”

“Think positive, be happy, see the good side.” Phrases carelessly thrown around. Sometimes situations can be so painful, and soul destroying that it is important to acknowledge the pain, ride the wave and come out stronger on the other side. 

Pretending to be okay during dire times can lead to longer term problems. Seek help when needed, and always remember nothing is permanent.


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