Letter to the Editor: #2

Ade: It makes me feel normal.

Mo: Me too!

Ade: But which way around is it…Do you think more people are suffering with anxiety, or more people are talking about suffering with anxiety?

Mo: Which came first, the chicken, or the egg?! Media attention, surrounding recent break downs – especially by celebrities, in public – has put it under a microscope. It’s seen as less hypothetical, and more real.

Ade: As more of us who have it share our experiences, it helps a lot. But I still get weird comments like “just get over it”, or “try to think happy thoughts”…

Mo: It is difficult for people who have never had it to begin to understand how we feel. So they brush it off, and start to project their own fears, views and theories. Which always makes me question whether they sometimes experience, similar internal turmoil too?

As a society, it is time we rethink.


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