I’ll bet you think this post is about you?

Is it the pressure to style an achingly cool man bun?

Perhaps the inexplicable desire to work in a role/live in a neighbourhood loved by Aunt Isabella, loathed by us?

Or, the requirement to over-share every tiny detail of our lives, via social media in a no-less-than-perfect manner? These are the “highlights of my ‘life reel'” a phrase commonly echoed.

It is the general consensus that millenials are self-consumed, self-aware,  and selfie-obsessed individuals without a care in the world. This in itself, especially the latter adds enormous (unnecessary) pressure.

Enter Sarah Knight’s The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a %^&!

I borrowed a friend’s copy, after she recommended it to me in the middle of 2016, and began to scribble notes in my journal.

As the title suggests, it is life changing magic.

It is vital, life changing, and magical to decide what we do and do not care about.

It changes everything.


Maybe the post is about you, maybe it isn’t… Do you care? You shouldn’t.


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