Electronic everything, darling.

Need a cab? Ordering food? Don’t telephone, there’s an app for that instead.
Quit smoking? Have an electronic cigarette thingy instead.
Can’t carry all your books in your tiny suitcase? Read them on a tablet, instead.
Haven’t the time to go to the Post Office? Send an email instead.

A friend of mine recently flew in to London, travelling 4344 miles/6990 kilometres, and we had a lovely time catching up, going out to eat, a spot of shopping (the £GBP was in an outrageous mess at the time, hello there “wow” exchange rate)…

Her trip was confirmed a few months before, thus giving us (in England) ample time to plan where she’d be and when, and act accordingly. I was taken aback to hear that one of her friends – on the day they were scheduled to meet – remembered she had a banal task to complete that day, and so suggested perhaps a video call or some other electronic form of communication, I can’t quite recall as I was super astonished at the time.

As an old soul, and considered “old school” by some, I wondered if perhaps I’d overreacted? Are we so consumed by gadgets and electronic alternatives to everything, that it is now acceptable to have an e-everything? Let me know your thoughts via email, darling.


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