Sundays are for the weekend papers.
Sundays are for quality time, just the two of us.
Sundays are for preparation.
Sundays are beautiful, wonderful, somewhat unbelievable.
Sundays can be gosh darn daunting.
Sundays can be rather mean.
Sundays can be filled with dread, and gleeful dancing, and dread. Did I already say that?
Sundays are for almond mylk lattes, not soy mylk, ew. But, thank you for the coffee.
Sundays are for filing, jiving, clean slates and fresh starts.
Hello Sunday, it’s me…

What does Sunday represent to you? Do you live or work in a country where it is the first day of the week? Perhaps it is dedicated to relaxing. If ever we have spent a Sunday together, you’ll know what they look like!

A long-standing tradition is, – Frank (the founder of this project), and the folk at Post Secret do incredible work raising awareness about numerous mental health and wellness matters.

If you’re yet to go on this site, or have not heard of it, start with the Post Secret TED talk first, it makes lots more sense that way. If you’re not a fan, it’s okay, continue doing whatever it is you’d usually do on a Sunday, hakuna matata.


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