To thine own self, be true

Oooh, hello there new month!

Last month of winter for us here in England, and after last month’s snow, countless hours spent by the fire, and an endless supply of wonderfully hot soup; by the time I’m accustomed to winter, darling spring is ready to greet us.

So here it is:

  •  Clean slate
  • A time to clarify
  • Laser beam focus

The whole objective is to become the best version of ourselves. Right? Right! That’s (partially) up to us to figure out, as our lives unfold. Yet… with living several lives within one lifetime, what is best during one phase, may not be best during the next.

We ought to be equipped and ready, in order to strike when the time is right. How? Be prepared. In the famous words of the internationally renowned organisation. Be prepared. 

So after countless chats, analyses, uhming and arring  (at inopportune moments), this is a public announcement and dedication to the woman this was always meant for:

A go-getter, self starter, don’t-quite-feel-like-it-sometimes-yet-persevere-nonetheless type.

Consider our lives to be a project, and we are the Project Managers…

*raises glass*

Here’s to you, here’s to us, here’s to living our best lives!


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