My one hour lunch breaks are revered. Somewhat of an endangered concept here, as most take a 20 minute lunch:

– 5 minutes: leave desk, get in lift, make way to ‘that sandwich place on the corner’

– 5 minutes: huff and puff, with a tut for extra measure standing in a queue using “too much of our time” deciding whether to eat exactly the same sandwich + drink combo, I’ve been having every working day, after graduation

– 5 minutes: race back to my office, with said sandwich balancing in one hand, and a quick phone scroll (emails and social media) in the other hand, washed down with above mentioned beverage

– 5 minutes: freshen up, and return to desk 

Perhaps we ought to take a leaf out of our French cousin’s books… less of a rush, and more of a concentrated effort to order, eat, and digest their lunch. They say it is one of the secrets as to how French women remain in shape. Call it mindfulness, call it culture, or it may possibly be tradition. Either way (generalising a little here), they seem to have figured out the ideal way of lunching. 

Which reminds me of why this post exists in the first place. Here is a great reason to take a walk on your lunch break. Have a great week!


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