Yoga off the mat

Some say we (in Britain) talk about the weather too much.

Think about it this way: it’s sub zero and pitch black in the morning before the first cup of tea – something else we talk about, at great length – stormy by lunch, tropical island by supper. It may appear as though we don’t have four distinctive seasons over twelve months, yet we have twelve seasons in a day (sometimes).

So naturally, weather is a common topic of conversation, as well as an ice breaker. 

Same applies to yoga. It is multifaceted, and goes beyond perfecting poses on the mat. Breathing. Meditating. Being present. 

What is your yoga – a place, or space, a feeling perhaps?

The Western view on what it means to practice yoga, has spiralled and morphed into a different concept than the original, inevitably so. 

Yet, it is our responsibility to also practice ‘Yoga off the mat’.


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