Plant based diet, with an African twist

“How can you eat African food and still be vegan?”

“How did you survive as a vegan/vegetarian living in Africa?”

Add those two to the top ten of 2,354 irritating questions about what vegans eat. Although, that’s perhaps why I shy away from that label, and much prefer ‘plant based’, as it’s a more accurate description. 

  • Firstly Africa is a continent, so to make sweeping statements regarding food, with so many national, and regional differences, is somewhat problematic. As ingredients, methods, flavours and even names of food differs. In the same breath, some traditions and approaches are exceedingly similar, thus go beyond borders.
  • Secondly, with eating strictly seasonal and organic produce, my hair and skin never felt better! #JustSayin’

Over the coming months, shall be sharing recipes as well as plant based kitchen and larder ‘survival tips’ (the latter sounds rather dramatic), of how to be vegan or vegetarian in Africa/African diaspora. My focus shall be on West, Southern, and East African cuisine, encompassing 15+ nations. Based on sharing cooking ideas with friends, family recipes, and what I cooked and ate whilst travelling and living in various parts of Africa.


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