Charlotte moment

Baking gluten free, raw, vegan, organic cupcakes, whilst looking after a toddler and child under five, multiple homes or household, members of staff, ensuring your partner or husband doesn’t feel neglected, whilst maintaining your own self-care beauty schedule, wearing beautiful vintage attire.

No pressure, then…

The stills are from a scene in SATC II, when one of the characters, Charlotte, was attempting her best impression of an octopus. Yet ends up in her pantry, holding the door shut, feeling beyond overwhelmed.

It’s so easy to feel alone, in any extreme manifestation of an emotion.

As new mothers, or fourth, maybe fifth time mothers, this is still the case. As there is a sense of being under the microscope. Rather than relying heavily on other people’s judgements, consider parenting to be intuitive. Only you know what is right for your child(ren). That’s not to negate all the fancy pants celebrity types, with books and websites dedicated to “the best way to…”, it’s more to highlight that, it’s really very normal to have a ‘Charlotte moment’. Acknowledge it, and keep it moving. Striving for perfection, shall only lead to panic. 

Ultimately, you know what works best for your child(ren). Also, it’s not a competition!

For a realistic take, totally recommend Ilana Wiles – she has a fabulous blog, and is an author. She speaks openly and honestly – with some witty humour thrown in – about being a parent in Manhattan, NYC. Reminds me so much of certain neighbourhoods in London too, where there is so much pressure to be a certain “type” of mother, that one can get a tad lost or overwhelmed.

Always stay true to yourself, and your approach to parenting. After all, we’ve been doing this since the beginning of time!


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