December: Attitude of Gratitude. Day 28.

For the whole month of December, and counting down to 2017, I shall be joining the (online) community, sharing one post a day of something I’m grateful for. From the teeny weeny tiny, to the life changing enormously great.



Introvert (I). Intuition (N). Thinking (T). Judgement (J)

I used to think I was an ambivert, until I came across the Myers-Briggs personality test, which clarified a lot for me, and lifebas an introvert. 

It used to be (and sometimes I still slip up) mentally exhausting to try to be somebody I wasn’t, especially in social situations. I’m more of an intimate dinner party type, than Wembley Stadium filled with thousands of people for a party, type!

If you’re reading this, and know me IRL, you’ll know what this is referring to. If not, let me elaborate, with a little help

Firstly, INTJs are goal-oriented, with long-term ideas founded on sound logic. When something does cause an emotional reaction, good or bad, that energy can be used to further those goals, aiding rational and pre-determined plans. Secondly, emotions are figurative canaries in the coal mine, indicating that something is off even though logic can’t see it yet. These feelings can help INTJs to use their logic to ask questions they may not have thought to ask. “This is upsetting. Why? What can be done to resolve it?”

Grateful for, and enjoying the ebbs and flows of life as an INTJ!


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