December: Attitude of Gratitude. Day 12. 

For the whole month of December, and counting down to 2017, I shall be joining the (online) community, sharing one post a day of something I’m grateful for. From the teeny weeny tiny, to the life changing enormously great.

The actual answer.  

If you were to eavesdrop on a conversation, whilst I’m chatting away with one of my Soul Sisters, you’ll hear me answer a question with a question: “do you want the PR answer, or the actual answer?” – the former is designed to close off from further questioning, and portrays a watered down version of actual events; the latter does what it says on the tin.

During the festive season (especially), and at high pressured occasions, we are often expected to ‘smile for the camera’, and ‘answer when questioned’. Yet there’s beauty in the vulnerability of having a DMC (deep, meaningful conversation), and sharing genuine advice, than hearing or providing a false response thus garnering a false sense of self, and an inappropriate reaction. 

There’s a fine line between over-sharing, and being honest. Know your audience – speak to people you trust and know – don’t be afraid of sharing your truth, which may well be the recipients too, and most importantly once you’ve done the previous two, give the actual answer. 

Love, light, and peace. ❤️


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