If a tree falls in a wood, and nobody is there to see/hear it, did it really fall?

If I workout or practice yoga for an hour, and don’t upload it to Snapchat/Instagram, did I actually workout?

If we give our time, efforts, resources to a cause, and don’t tell anybody about it/post it to social media, does the cause still benefit?

I’m being facetious, to prove a point. As mentioned countless times, and one of the main reasons for starting this platform in the first place, social media is a double edged sword.

Hopefully we all want to help people for the sake of helping – of course it’s great when it comes to raising funds and awareness – the ALS Challenge is forever etched in my memory, and raised enormous sums that the Organisation have discovered further useful findings, raised awareness, and their website even crashed during the campaign! Superb. 

Rant over.

The purpose of this post is to highlight the importance of us making time (if we can spare an hour here or there), to help out at food banks, soup kitchens, and of course donate any unwanted or spare gifts over the festive season! It means the world to so many of those often ‘forgotten’ in society.

Why I mention helping for the sake of helping is because, it’s phenomenal to be in one another’s company, wholeheartedly, rather than “let’s take a selfie” every few moments – more so for those who don’t always have the wonderful fortune of being and connecting with other people. 

Love, light, and peace ❤️


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