Phoenix moments

“Rise like the Phoenix from the ashes” – what a marvellous concept!

A friend commented on how she’s seen ‘another incarnation’ of me. Initially this was upsetting, and then I realised upon reflection this is complimentary. If, in the years we’ve known each other, I hadn’t grown, changed, or developed, that would be cause for upset. 

After burning to ashes, there’s a renewal and rebirth – starting anew. This doesn’t have to be once, this can be the catalyst to a stronger version of ourselves, so can happen several times in our lives; or throughout the day, everyday to cut out ghastly habits.

Reasons not to give a _____ and 

Complete guide to not giving a _____

 !*! warning, expletives aplenty !*!

Both explain what happens when we stop worrying about what others think, and learn to let go. May you continue to have as many Phoenix moments as needed!


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