What’s that?

Try to avoid posting “selfies” on The Gram (Instagram), simply because I don’t think people want to see numerous photographs of me, awkwardly holding a camera and cringing a little. 

Below is a series of photographs, with a common theme. Shall leave that up to you, to spot.

This time it’s exceptional. Close to home…

Pride myself on being a joie de vivre, and open minded about all the different cultures I come across. So when the following happened, I was taken aback (to say the least). Though, it’s naïve to assume we all have the same approach(es) when it comes to exploring a new or different to our own culture.

I met somebody for the first time, and pointing towards my head, they emphatically asked “what’s that?”; I had to muster a calm tone, breathe for a moment, and consciously compose a response…

“No need to smirk, scowl, or perturbingly enquire. It’s unpleasant, and rather unnecessary”, I thought.

“Head wrap”, I said. 

From young married women (as well as older married women), brides-to-be, widows, religion, culture, practicality, rebellion, tradition, and style; there are various reasons why we wrap/cover our hair. 




Relaxing at home

Zen-ing in the Japanese Garden



Post highest-free-standing-mountain-in-the-world-freshly-pressed-juice morning. Nabbed my fellow diner’s sunglasses for the photograph 😩😂

Pouting and waiting

Pouting and gym-ing


Evening. Africa Now, at Bonhams (UK)

Lupita 😍

From Cape Town, to MC, running around in London, or relaxing at home; you’re sure to find me wearing some form of headwear.

Contemplated doing a photograph series, yet felt rather shy. After another (unrelated to the above) incident, opted for a video with an old uni chum. Soon afterwards, received requests from women originating from and residing in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Nigeria, Namibia, and South Kensington, respectively. Enough to act as an impetus for a mini video series. After all, “when we follow our destiny, The Universe always conspires in our favour”…

Shall be doing a mini vlog series this week, as a quick guide to tying head wraps/turbans – dedicated to Sarah, Nora, OAK, Sophie, and all the women out there who take pride in this ancient tradition! 

Thank you ladies, for the reminder that this form of adornment is beautiful to us. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 


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