Gratitude x Festive Season

‘Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la la oh you know the rest of this one…

Yay, happy new month!

Excuse me *raised arm emoji* can somebody tell me where 2016 has gone? I vividly remember sitting at my desk on this exact day in 2015, and setting quarterly and monthly goals for the coming months. It is far too exhausting to set goals for a whole year in one sitting – and as 2016 illustrated, who can truly tell what’s around the corner?

I remember a meme circulating shortly after one of (several) global issues earlier in the year ‘Quentin Tarantino was the Director of 2016’ or something along those lines – paying homage to the Hollywood King of noir humour, and further highlighting the twists and turns (as many of his films do) the year entailed.

The festive season is a time to spend time with family and friends we don’t otherwise make time for, take time off of work, and generally mini time out from the usual routine. This is great as a guest, yet as somebody hosting, the enormous pressure is out of this world. 

So if you’re attending a ‘Christmas jumper’ party, Christmas office party, festive  party, Chanukah, remember to take time to give special thanks and smile to your hosts – including close friends and family, those serving you for the evening/event, and the lovely folk in hospitality who are incredibly pressured during this time. Ooh, not forgetting the amazing people that stay calm, cool and collected as we schlep from one town or country to another, at airports, Eurostar etc!

Remember to express your gratitude, and smile – “a smile grows legs, and travels far”. Happy December! 

Since writing this, came across an article on not being judgemental – ties in quite well with the above!


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