Are you “living” your hashtags? What a fascinating question. I saw it on an insightful post earlier. 

Often ostracised for #using #too #many #hashtags yet the whole point (for me, anyway) is to use the algorithm as a tool to connect with fellow #BGKI or people in my neighbourhood in #MyLondon – think you get the gist…

Regarding social media, they say _____ is for people you know, and don’t like. Whilst _____ is for people you like, and don’t know. I’ll leave you to fill in the blanks.

Where was I?! So yes, think before you post, and here’s hoping we are #grateful #thankful #blessed and truly living our hashtags. 

Chuckling away to myself as I read @Benjamin.Sears post a few days ago, about #KeepItEverSoSlightlyReal the idea that it’s good to share, have “feels” yet not to the point of having a pity party – wholeheartedly agree, hence some of the posts on this blog!

Happy #FriYAY ✨✨✨


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