Those three words

Working from home.
Three words that either excite, or send shivers down the spine.

Clear your mind.

Three words that either excite, or send shivers down the spine.

There’s a blurred line between ‘home life’ and ‘work life’, when hair is tied in a bun at the crown of the head, and parading around in slouchies (for those less versed on the matter – these are items of clothing one cannot be seen wearing outside the house, usually cotton, spandex, polyester or a mishmash of old uni society tees and leggings). When juggling a 101 things in one day, when 110 things are on the list, it’s enough to drive even the less anxious, into a spiral of anxiety. The best thing to do, is clear the mind:

– Get fresh air/gentle exercise. The endorphins released and workload shall thank you. Come back with a different perspective, and the separation between home and work.

– Crystal healing. Bathroom, boudoir, kitchen, garden – you name it, and you’re very likely to find a crystal there (in my living space). Everything has energy, and crystals carry their own energy/frequency/vibration that can help ease the tension. Clear quartz, amethyst, and rose quartz (can’t get enough of the latter), do wonders for the workspace!

– Work near natural light. Honour the seasons, and time of day. If you’re stuck in an artificial light space, and not quite certain of what time it is, it’s enough to cloud your vision and mental space. 

– 20/20/20. No, not the bizarre diet. Every 20 minutes, look 20 feet away, for 20 seconds. Give your eyes and mind a break from screen time. Not only does this lower the strain on our eyes, it also helps think of something else periodically.

– Music. Think this speaks for itself. Choose something that works for you. I remember studying with a classmate that enjoyed screamo (spelling?) music, whilst studying for final year exams. Pour moi? It’s far too intense. I thoroughly enjoy classical music, my classmate thought the string instruments were enough to send anybody into a frenzy, due to the intensity. To each their own! Find what works for you, or use what you already know works for you, and keep doing that!

Clear your mind, and have laser beam focus.

Love, light, and peace. ❤️


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