O motivation, motivation! Wherefore art thou, motivation?

There is, at times, an awful struggle between wanting to become a better version of ourselves, and finding the motivation to go out there (especially in colder months), and kick Autumn/Winter’s bottom whilst finding mental peace, perhaps getting toned, and having the ‘inner glow’ which shows on the outside. 

One of my Soul Sisters surprised me with gifts from the Om Yoga Show, which both serve as daily reminders to change the inner dialogue, from that of guilt and shaming to a much more kinder voice. My mission over the next couple of weeks is to have them framed, and then displayed beautifully alongside the other daily reminders of self-kindness. We spend so much time seeking validation and acceptance from others, that we can sometimes forget to please ourselves first and foremost. 

A firm believer that the main tenets of life are love, light, and peace, it is often easy to see how we view ourselves based on how we treat other people. This isn’t groundbreaking. Call it cyclical, metaphysical, a gorgeous unicorn on a rainbow – whatever you want to call it… with recent events in the past eleven months causing astronomical reverberations, rather than complaining and adding more negativity, wouldn’t it be great if we all spent a few moments a day, practicing kindness? Thus adding positivity to the world at large. 

If mindfulness and meditation are new to you, consider adding it before or after something you do daily – your cosmetics routine (brushing teeth/hair, getting dressed etc), sipping a cup of tea, reading the paper, or scrolling through social media on your commute. If you don’t know how to start, just start. There are lots of guided meditations available online, check out the section of your library that touches on these topics, and of course plenty of apps. If you can’t decide which type of mediation to begin with, loving kindness meditation is an excellent starting point!

Try it. If you don’t like it, stop. If you do, well you can thank yourself for that! You may wonder what life was before finding this inner stillness. 

Love, light, and peace. ❤️


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