Honouring the seasons, and watching Mother Nature in all her glory is phenomenal! When we are truly in tune with the ebbs and flows of nature, something extraordinary happens. We start to notice – it’s like being slapped in the face with a wet fish – more so the comings and goings around us!

Today is when the Moon is closest to Earth, also known as perigee. Both social and traditional media are abuzz with coverage, sightings, and events dotted around. From waterfront yoga in Tel Aviv, to Yoga in the Park in Hyde Park, there are a host of events going on this evening, as the Supermoon is illuminated, and lights the path for new energy and new excitement.

There are debates as to whether we should be practicing yoga during the full moon, when energy levels may be at an all time low. Conversely others argue, it is a fantastic time to be renewed and get a fresh lease of life/energy flow.

Chatting away to a Parisienne chum yesterday, rather aptly, about pierre de lune (moonstone) – symbolic of feminine energy, intuition/intuitive thought, and having a sensitive approach, to name a few. Great timing!


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