I juice, therefore I am

Having only discovered the benefits of juicing in 2013, as a longtime herbivore it wasn’t that unusual to shift from eating my greens to drinking them.

Some of my Soul Sisters who were initially reluctant, are now Juicing Queens! With affordable juicers readily available on the market, and super chic juice bars popping up all over the city, there’s no reason not to.

As previously mentioned, balance is crucial. So the occasional glass of Malbec with an otherwise healthy lifestyle, works great. It may be hard to believe, but that’s part of the secret to a balanced/life of moderation, “a little of what you fancy”… 

Perhaps I ought to compose my list of favourite wine bars and wines, for now here’s a list (adapted from one of my Instagram posts) of top favourite places and outlets we frequent to grab juice in London:

  • C Press (Fulham Road)
  • Raw Press (Dover Street)
  • Juicebaby (King’s Road)
  • Presscription (Finchley Road. They offer group discounts on cleanses – so gather your chums and/or workmates, as it makes a juice fast heaps easier, when you’re in it together!)
  • The Selfridges Kitchen (Oxford Street, 4th floor)
  • Plenish (Harvey Nichols and their online outlet)
  • Fifth Floor (Harvey Nichols)
  • The Good Life Eatery (Motcomb Street Belgravia, and Sloane Avenue Chelsea)
  • Imbibery at Mount Street Deli or their online outlet for stockists (top 3, as I prefer more vegetables than fruit in my juices, and they are one of the few brands that understands this!)
  • The Detox Kitchen (Fitzrovia, and see their website for other locations)
  • The Alfred Tennyson (Motcomb Street, Belgravia)
  • The Juicery at Marylebone Hotel (Welbeck Street, Marylebone)
  • Tanya’s (Ixworth Place, near Sloane Avenue Chelsea – they are having a refurb until Spring ’17, yet raw delectable snacks and cold pressed juices are still available, a-maziiiing)
  • Vegesentials (Wholefoods – High Street Ken, Piccadilly – for other stockists, see their website)
  • Wagamama (Nationwide) have an array of veg juices, carrot is a particular favourite
  • Planet Organic (dotted around)

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