Diary: S1, E1

There is SO much information available to us, online, in print, dare I say via the media; that it’s important to be discerning and commit to information diets, periodically. Much like a lifestyle diet, information diets allow us to take stock of where we are and how we got here, and take action to ensure the information we are consuming is mentally, emotionally, and spiritually nourishing. 

Social media can be a little (gross understatement) misleading, as we consume and show the best versions of our lives. 🙋🏾 like others, I don’t show video footage when I trip over whilst on a run, complete banal tasks (such as household chores or exam preparation), or the evening’s spent wording, re-wording and editing articles – as nobody wants to see that. What IS really incredible, is the ability to connect with people we identify with and add value to others.

With the unprecedented growth of the health and fitness trend in recent years, it’s been great to join a running club, supper clubs, experience new styles of yoga (as an avid Bikram Yoga fan, this was a big step) all a stone’s throw from where I work and live in London. It’s become “the new norm” to look after ourselves, how awesome! This comes with three warnings… balance, balance, balance. Oooh of course enjoy it, and listen to your body too!

After over a decade of being a vegetarian, when I started training to climb Mount Kilimanjaro I became a pescetarian, and now (post-mountain), I follow a plant based lifestyle. My body and skin have never felt better. Have I already mentioned listening to your body? Vital.


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