Life lessons: Quarter Life Crisis, anxiety, good vibes, finding happiness

Autumn is a time for change. The leaves are shedding. Darkness descends quicker. Temperatures are also rapidly decreasing. There’s never really quite “the perfect time”, yet it’s important to take action. In a dynamic environment, that’s ever changing, if ever there was “the perfect time” to embark on an idea that has been manifesting for an incredibly long time, this is it!

Being a 20-something, or millennial, or if you don’t quite fit in a box, yet society tries to put you in a box anyway… has a few challenges, numerous ups, and the occasional kick in the side.
Due to travels, varied interests, and serendipity, I’ve had several (fortuitous) conversations with people from all walks of life, backgrounds – from early twenties to octogenarians – the list is endless. As such, I’ve been able to tap into varied knowledge streams, for which I’m eternally grateful, as I’ve been able to learn lots.

Using this space as a creative outlet, to connect, to share ideas, and to discuss some hair-raising topics and moments that may not otherwise come up in conversation – as the post title suggests. As a chance to discover the path to self love, self improvement and spreading good vibes!


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